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Student Support & Services

Find out about the full range of support and services available to students at ҹѰ.

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Student Support

ҹѰ’s student support includes academic and pastoral support, and a range of health, welfare and wellbeing support.

College Tutors

Every student at ҹѰ is assigned a personal College Tutor. Tutors are the lynchpin of the College's pastoral system and can offer help and advice on any matter — academic, financial, personal and social. They keep regular office hours during term and can also make individual appointments outside those hours by appointment.

Visit the Tutorial team webpage for more information about the tutorial services available to students in College.

Academic support

Undergraduate academic support revolves around the Directors of Studies, who coordinate your academic programme.

Postgraduate academic support includes mentoring, networking opportunties, workshops to improve your academic English, and the chance present your work at research seminars.

The WolfWorks programme is coordinated by the Librarian and Academic Skills Librarian, and provides targeted advice for ҹѰ students to build their academic skill set.


The Undergraduate Examinations Guide webpage contains useful information about the undergraduate examination period, from candidate numbers and ECFs to quiet study spaces in College and where to find more information.

Financial support

Information regarding scholarships, hardship funds, travel and research grants, as well as bursaries for music, languages and sports are available on our financial support pages.

For guidance regarding your College account, making payments for course fees and accommodation, as well as registering educational loans, please visit our payments and fees webpage.

Health and wellbeing support

A range of support is available for all ҹѰ students, provided by the College's welfare team. You can find out more about the support available in College via the following pages:

Part-time students

We believe our support for part-time students is amongst the best in Cambridge. Part-time students are welcome to participate in College life and the community at ҹѰ.

Students with disabilities

ҹѰ aims to support all students with disabilities, and assistance is available at a University-level from the Accessibility & Disability Resource Centre (ADRC), as well as at the College-level from a variety of staff and student contacts. Find out more on our Support for students with disabilites page.

Students with families

ҹѰ is a great place to study in Cambridge with a family, with dedicated resources, couples flats, and funding available. Find out more on our Students with Families page.

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Student Services

Services at ҹѰ include academic affairs, accommodation, finance, IT, maintenance and certification of student status.

Academic affairs, exams and graduations

Students' academic affairs, including matriculations, graduations, intermissions, and postgraduate and undergraduate (written) examinations are all managed by the Tutorial team.

Accommodation and housekeeping

Information about College accommodation can be found on our accommodation webpages. Details regarding housekeeping and cleaning schedules can be found on the housekeeping pages.

IT services

The IT team at ҹѰ is available to help with your computer and IT-related queries. Please contact us by sending an email to the IT helpdesk.

Library services

ҹѰ's Lee Seng Tee Library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all College members. There are around 50 study spaces over two floors and a new outdoor area with 16 spaces for quiet study.

The Library also runs an academic skills programme including WolfWorks skills workshops, as well as offering one-to-one and group sessions from the ҹѰ Writing Centre.

Payments and fees

The Finance Office is responsible for students' College accounts, guiding students in making payments for course fees and accommodation, as well as registering educational loans.

Policies, misconduct and complaints

College Policies are intended to ensure that guidelines and rules for behaviour are clearly stated and applied consistently. There are policies covering:

Students wishing to make a comment or complaint about the College's policies or services, either academic or non-academic, can do so via the Comments and Complaints webpage.

Maintenance and repairs

The Maintenance Department looks after all College building-related needs, from maintenance on the properties to refurbishments and new builds. College members can file a request for maintenance or repairs via the .

Student status letters (banking, council tax, parking permit)

Students can request a letter from the College certifying their status for a variety of reasons, including Council Tax exemption, visa applications or to register with the GP. Please complete the following form to request a .

There is a separate form for proof of student status in order to .

In line with University policy, car parking permits will only be issued to those who meet the required criteria. To apply for a parking permit, please complete the car parking application form and return it to the Tutorial Office in Bredon House.

Student Taxi Bookings

Student taxis are available for ongoing medical issues to enable transport to and from departments or educational events related to your studies. The college could also pay at its discretion for travel to and from medical appointments. Furthermore, the college will also consider taxi booking requests for any other extenuating circumstances (for example, religious purposes, etc) which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Students should firstly speak to their tutor and seek approval for the taxi bookings before submitting the form. The request will then be reviewed by the Deputy Senior Tutor (Tania Davies) for final approval.

Your application’s supporting medical evidence will need to be checked by either your Tutor, the College Nurse, or the Student Wellbeing Advisor. You will need to request an email to demonstrate that your evidence has been viewed and approved. Your application will also require an email from your Tutor approving the taxi booking. This email must include approval of the timeframe and number of journeys per a week. Both pieces of evidence must be submitted to James Wood in PDF format.

Student taxis are not able to be utilised for personal errands or social purposes. Taxis used for personal errands or social purposes will be credited/charged to the student's college account. Students should book their own taxis for personal errands or social purposes and should not be asking the Porters Lodge Staff to book taxis on their behalf.