ҹѰ students shortlisted for 2024 Student-Led Teaching Awards

ҹѰ students shortlisted for Student-Led Teaching Awards

We are thrilled to announce that two ҹѰ students, Adrián Rodriguez Avila and Raquel Scarpa Gebara, have been shortlisted from over 645 nominees for the Student-Led Teaching Awards. 

ҹѰ students shortlisted for Student-Led Teaching Awards

The (SLTAs) exist to reward outstanding teaching and student support across Cambridge University and its Colleges. 

"This nomination was a complete surprise to me, but a very pleasant one. It makes me very happy to know that my teaching has impacted my students in a positive manner, and motivates me to make greater efforts to improve my teaching practices. Regardless of the outcome, making it to the shortlist is an enormous reward, and I would like to let my students know that they are the best part of this achievement. 

Teaching is one of the activities that I enjoy the most. I love teaching because it is a way to continue learning after the formative stage of my education. I especially like language teaching, and I try to approach it with non-standard methods. Teaching Latin is my greatest passion, and, for example, I try and encourage my students to speak Latin in order to bring the language closer to them and de-mystify it. I am very grateful to my students for allowing me to do what I love the most."

Adrián Rodriguez Avila (PhD in Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic)

Both Adrián and Raquel were shortlisted in the Small Group Teaching (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) category, which recognises outstanding supervisors and other academic staff who provide small-group teaching for courses in the Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences. This category also includes undergraduate dissertation supervisors, study skills teachers, and others who have been nominated for academic support.

"I am deeply honoured and touched to be shortlisted for the Student-led Teaching Awards in the category of Small-Group Teaching (Arts, Humanities & Social Science), among 645 nominations. Teaching and learning are not just parts of my profession; they're the heartbeat of my research. In addition, because it comes directly from the students, this nomination holds unparalleled significance—it's pure, sincere, and devoid of any agenda. My work with students is anchored on respect, hard work, dedication, and mutual learning. In our shared journey, I learn as much from them as they do from me. Being recognised by the students in this manner reaffirms the profound impact of collaborative education, strengthened by the small-group format, which we are privileged to have here at Cambridge. I feel so lucky to be a part of the enduring bond forged with my students in our joint pursuit of knowledge."

Raquel Scarpa Gebara (PhD in Education)

This year's winners will be announced on Tuesday 13 June at an awards ceremony. Best of luck to both Adrián and Raquel! 

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