Multi-faith prayer room opens in Chancellor's Centre

Image of plaque on door saying "multi-faith prayer room"

Following a decision by the ҹѰ Student Association (WCSA), the former WCSA office space has been transformed into a multi-faith prayer room.

Image of plaque on door saying "multi-faith prayer room"

"WCSA is thrilled to announce that we have decided to convert our office space in the Chancellor's Centre into a multi-faith prayer room. This decision was made after careful consideration and in response to the needs of our diverse student body."

Lewis Kilding, President of WCSA for 2023-2024, speaks to the value of the new space:

"We recognised that the WCSA office was underutilised and had become less effective in enhancing our abilities to provide representation for ҹѰ students. Simultaneously, many students approached me, expressing their desire for a dedicated multi-faith space. As a result, we decided to transform our office for this purpose. By transforming the WCSA office into a multi-faith room, we hope to create a valuable space that serves a wider range of student needs.

ҹѰ proudly identifies itself as "the most cosmopolitan college in Cambridge," hosting students from more nationalities than any other college. With this cosmopolitanism comes a wide range of religious needs, which ҹѰ takes seriously. The college already provides a chaplaincy team covering Anglicanism, Catholicism, Islam, and Judaism, and is one of the few colleges to have a dedicated Buddhist chaplain. The creation of a multi-faith prayer room by WCSA further demonstrates ҹѰ's active efforts to meet the varied needs of its multicultural community.

This student-led initiative, taken on by the WCSA committee, demonstrates the strong partnership between the college and its student representatives in working together to enhance ҹѰ's ability to serve its students and maintain our welcoming and supportive environment for everyone.

We believe that this multi-faith prayer room will be a valuable addition to our college, providing a quiet and respectful space for students of all faiths to practice their beliefs, reflect, and find solace."

"I'm delighted that a multi-faith prayer room is now available at ҹѰ and that WCSA has taken the initiative to make this project a reality. This inclusive space embodies the College's commitment to embracing diversity and fostering mutual respect within the ҹѰ community." - Darren Smith, Domestic Bursar

Accessing the Room

The new multi-faith prayer room is located on the 1st floor of the Chancellor's Centre. It is available from 5am-11pm when the Chancellor's Centre is open and does not require key access. 

The room is open for use by all ҹѰ Members and Visitors.

Chaplaincy Team

ҹѰ has a team of honorary chaplains from a range of faiths who are on hand to offer support and guidance as needed. 


We are looking for suggestions and feedback on how to develop the multi-faith prayer room into a space that meets the needs of all those who use it. Please feel free to send your thoughts to the Domestic Bursar.

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