Alumni reunion formal hall 2022

Alumni Benefits

As lifetime members of the College, all our alumni can enjoy a range of benefits at ҹѰ.

Alumni reunion formal hall 2022

Contribute to our Interdisciplinary Research Hubs

Our Interdisciplinary Research Hubs bring together Fellows, students, alumni, and other College members to investigate pressing problems in the world today. The current hubs focus on Entrepreneurship; Gender; Global Health; Sustainability & Conservation; and Race & Culture.

Attend College events

As ҹѰ alumni, you are always welcome to attend College events, including talks, seminars, and society events; the May Ball; the May Bumps; Alumni Reunions; and the Easter Market & Boat Race. We send out event reminders via the Ring True and newsletters.

If you'd like to organise your own event at ҹѰ, or a reunion meet-up elsewhere in the world, please contact the Alumni team (alumni@wolfson.cam.ac.uk) and we will be happy to assist you.

Dine at Formal Halls

Alumni, former postdocs, and former Fellows are all able to return to College for , and book up to three guests each.

Stay in College accommodation

ҹѰ alumni can book College accommodation at a discounted price, including double en-suite rooms in the Chancellor’s Centre, as well as single rooms in other locations outside of term time. Please note that all rooms provided are subject to availability.

Additional benefits

The University of Cambridge offers and former postdocs. These benefits include access to journals and online resources, special offers and discounts, and access to certain Colleges. to access these benefits and more.

Keep us updated!

Please fill in the alumni details form to ensure you can access all these benefits. Knowing where our alumni are located helps us to build connections and promote opportunities across our international community!

What's on

A triptych of three plant-themed paintings: the left shows large leaves, the center features a dark forest scene, and the right depicts vibrant, stylized foliage and flowers.

Art Exhibition: 'Life Within Landscapes'

09/06/2024 at 10.00

Explore ҹѰ's newest exhibition, 'Life Within Landscapes', showcasing works by three Cambridge-based female contemporary artists, inspired by their Caribbean heritage.

A rowing team of eight people in a boat, including a coxswain, is rowing on a body of water near a docked boat and pier. Some rowers are wearing yellow hats and sunglasses.

May Bumps Marquee 2024

14/06/2024 at 14.00

Join us by the riverside to cheer on ҹѰ Boat Club's crews!

A group of people mingle and converse on a lawn outside a building on a sunny day. Some are seated on benches or the grass, while others stand and chat. Trees and buildings are visible in the background.

ҹѰ Garden Party 2024

16/06/2024 at 14.30

Join us at ҹѰ for an afternoon of music and light refreshments in the College grounds.

Two images side by side: on the left, a woman holding a clarinet smiles at the camera; on the right, a woman dressed in green plays the violin intently.

The Mary Bevan Recital: Lola Frisby Williams (clarinet) & Imaan Kashim (violin)

16/06/2024 at 19.00

Join us for our annual Mary Bevan concert with prize winners of the prestigious Cambridge University Concerto Competition.

Promotional graphic for ҹѰ May Ball 2024, themed "dreamscapes," featuring an illustration of a figure in a canoe with a lantern and a silhouette of a face on a wavy backdrop.

ҹѰ May Ball 2024: Dreamscapes

21/06/2024 at 20.00

Step from one dreamscape to the next, on a journey from restful lullabies to surrealist whimsy to thrilling nightmares, and emerge forever changed…